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8 million bees looking for a home on Lake Como
Carolina Vismara is a young graduate in economics and business management who decides to leave Milan and the city life, to live on Lake Como and transform her dreams into tangible projects. In 2021 she started the “Tana del Gri” farm and became a beekeeper. The attention to sustainability and love for bees are reflected in the LORODELLAGO project which, among others, has the ambitious goal of bringing by next spring 8 million pollinating bees to the mountains of Lake Como. Carolina and her sister Alice, who runs a business in the fashion industry, in order to support this goal, decided to address the female public with the project called X-BEE: a box dedicated to women who seek beauty and good, containing products that tell and support the initiative. The entire proceeds from the sale of the first 200 boxes, combined with the generous contribution of a sponsor, will be used for the purchase of 200 new bee families and their hives that will find a new home on the shores of Lake Como.
X-Bee Box
X-BEE BOX contains a minibag available in different variants (Ivory, Nude or Black with a lead-colored chain or the Limited Edition in Black color with a gold chain) and a box with 3 Bee products to choose between Honey and Honey Cream.