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Linden flowers

The aromatic character of the linden tree imposes itself on that of the other species present in the composition, classifying it as unifloreal. It has a fresh and balsamic taste of linden nectar with hints of incense and lavender stems.
It is composed of the following nectars:

  • 80% Linden (Lime tree)
  • 20% Bramble
  • pollens of numerous other species: Chestnut, Ailanthus, White Clover, Mullein, Pomegranate, Blue Viper Grass, Privet, Rowan, Aaple, Iris, Persimmon, Carthusian Carnation, Silene and other Cariophyllaceae; Broom, Buddleia, Balsam Grass, Clematis (Vitalba), Black Alum, Martagon Lily, Potentilla, Strawberry, Willow, Thyme, Wild Sage and Oregano, Hypericum, Sedum, Houseleek, Coronilla, Centaurea and several other Composite, Linaria, Campanula, Grapevine Parthenocissus Tricuspidata, meadows Umbrellifers, Knautia, Scabiosa.
  • pollen of plants devoid of nectar: ​​meadows grasses, conifers, plantain, cystacea such as Helianthus, Ash, Arunco, Filipendula, Hops, Tamarisk, Nettle and Parietaria.
Linden flowers The honey cream is characterized by a soft and velvety taste. It is obtained exclusively with honey and the use of a mixer, which incorporates small particles of air thus making the honey creamy, dimming the transparency of the original color.