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The Beehive

The hives are located in Mezzegra, in Tremezzina, on a green and wild plot of land.

To date, the apiary is characterized by 41 families and 8 nuclei of Ligustica Bees (whose distinctive feature is the characteristic golden yellow color of the abdominal segments), for a total of about 2 million pollinating bees.

In 2022 I plan to increase the number of hives reaching a total of 4 million pollinating bees.

The ‘Tana del Gri’ farm produces honey, honey cream, wax, pollen and propolis.

The company’s development project will also include the construction of a new building that will offer the possibility of using apitherapy treatments.

Apitherapy is a set of treatments, supplementing conventional medicine, aimed at recovering well-being with the products collected, transformed and secreted by bees (pollen, propolis, honey, royal jelly) and also by inhaling the air of hives (aerosol of micro particles present in the hives).

It’s a healing practice that is based on a very ancient tradition, with centuries-old therapeutic evidence. Currently in some countries apitherapy is gaining official
recognition and in recent years in Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Switzerland) international conferences have been held with training and updating courses for doctors and practitioners.